Friday, July 9, 2010

Something strange... But another thing totally AWESOME!!!

Both things are true... Something strange is going on with my comments... I think I fixed it, but I go to my dashboard, 2 unmoderated comments found. I go over there, automatically no unmoderated comments found! It's weird. Tell me if you know how to fix this... On the bright side, I got my good secondary Alric, up to level twenty!! Woot!! More not bad news, but not good either. I went up to nightshades tower to get Alric a midsummer's cowl, and this was when I quit farming for the Blue Banshees. Like, an hour ago. What do ya know? I GOT FOUR, AND TWO DARK SPRITES, AND SEVEN MIDNIGHT SPRITES!! I know what you're thinking, That's awesome! And yes, it is pretty cool. But right when I stop, I get 13 pets. And there's also the fact that I didn't get what I wanted. I know, the midsummer's cowl is really hard to get, but another thing. I've been taking my three wizard 101 irl friends to farm him for about a week, and all of them got it. And they're only initiates. But, a good thing did come out of it, I did after all get the jacket of withstanding. A robe that gives you tower shield. I would give it to Alric, but he already has a better robe. And boots. I've passed my old crowns gear, The Coat of Stomping and Master's Slippers of Wrath, down to Alric when I got the Valkyrie Set. That's one of the awesome things about Alric. When I'm done with something or find something better, I pass it down. And if even Alric has something better, I give it to Destiny. That's why you'll see her running around in a noob robe. It's actually The Jacket of Withstanding that I got on my nightshade farms... But, I'm gonna keep trying. Peace out!

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