Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That's right everyone, I'm back from camp, and BOY, it was AWESOME! We went to this space camp type of thing, where you fly simulators of ships, and there are all of these different ships and positions and missions, classes, which are not your average school classes, we learned about liquid nitrogen and made ICE CREAM out of it. On the simulator, I even got to be captain of one of the ships, and this is how it turned out: We had SO many close calls, like, JUST as our director was about to kill us, we managed to get it done like, ONE SECOND before we were gonna die. This happened a lot. and, we had to go through some nebulas and we had a few radiation leaks, but we fixed all of them. And, we were a level one science ship, and the last battle was against a level nine BATTLESHIP and, we were in a nebula! The most dangerous place in the simulators, and, JUST as we were about to get out, guess what? OUR ENGINES FAILED. We couldn't use any other thrusters or anything, or we'd blow up. I decided to take the risk, we got out of the nebula, AND defeated the battleship. WE SURVIVED! And our director told us we were the first crew ever to get through the mission without dying at all. IT WAS SO FUN!

Well, nothing else, so, bye!

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