Thursday, February 3, 2011

It mocks me...

That spiral door... Showing Celestia!!! IT MOCKS ME!!!! KNOWING I CAN'T GO THERE!!!! IT SAYS TO ME: "Dream on little boy!" And then I say: "Fine. Mah books will keep me company." And then he goes: "YOU AIN'T GOT NO BOOKZ!!!!!!" And then I'm laik: "YAH AY DEW!!!" And then he goes: "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!" And then I was all: "OH YES I DID!!! NOW GET OUTTA MAH FAICE!!!" And then he goes: "OH, I AIN'T IN YO FAIC!!!! BUT YO WANT ME 2 BE IN YOU FAIC, I'M IN YO FAIC!" (Shoves face down throat) And then I wuz awl laik: "YOU SUCK EGGZ!" And then he goes: "That was hurtful... JERK!!!" And the- (Gets all interrupted abruptly by Celestian door that thinkz I ain't got no bookz (("CUASE U DONT!!!"))Anyway, I have a play coming up, and I got the lead! "NO YOU AIN'T!!!!!" (Shoves Celestian spiral door into pocket, then rips off doorknob) "There." (Superintendent of teh spiral comes) "WHERE'D MAH DOOR GO!!!" "I stole it." "WHERE IS IT!!" "In mah pocket." " GUARDS! AFTER HIM!!! (Enter 6 buff Brazilian guys with Tommy-guns) "ATTA- Where'd they go?!?!" "I stole them." "WHAT?!?! WHERE ARE THEY?!?!" "In my pocket." I gtg guys, so,

See ya in the spiral!

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