Saturday, January 8, 2011

You will be missed...

Hello people of the spiral, heh, some news and some explaining to do...

1) I have heard of the tragic turn of events involving a great blogger in the spiral, Heather EmeraldFlame... This was, horrible... She will be a great loss to the spiral, and we should all honor her memory. She made the spiral a better place, and we will all miss her. A formal fueneral should be held.

2) An explanation for my absence. One explanation. (Well, acronym, if you will)
RPG. Nothing else. the RpG is a superior art to most. (Except Wizard 101) and, get this:
I do almost nothing!! (Except constantly rule the world, cripple the Roman empire, and chuck shurikens and spears at Greeks.) It's so stupid!

3) Noah. Noah has been a HUGE effect on my life right now. I'm doing this online Rpg with him and his bros so much, I'm not doing W101!

But, I think I may be back! (And, I'm addicted to gardening!)

See ya in the spiral!

(And I will miss you Heather...)

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  1. Had a memorial for Heather last night (PIP - Play in Peace Heather) and glad to see your here :)