Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not much

There's not much going on today, so I think I'm gonna post a list of a few characters from my story

Cody Shadowstrider: Cody is a not yet orientated ten year old who is pulled into a dangerous situation. His parents were killed when the titan army attacked in Dragonspyre. Now his guardian his abusive older sister.

Sarai Storm: Cody's best friend since they were three. Sarai's father is a powerful diviner and a personal friend of headmaster ambrose's

Noah Griffinblade: Is a calm sophisticated young initiate. He is maybe smarter then Ivan Soulsinger and wants to invent revolutionary things.

Ivan Soulsinger: Has been the leader of an organization fighting to keep the spiral alive for five thousand years. He is very smart and invented many things to keep the spiral alive

Ian Darkhunter: Is a brash and headstrong grandmaster necromancer. He is also Soulsinger's right hand man.

Taryn Jadeheart: Is Cody's abusive 21 year old sister and guardian.

Death: Death is so evil, the spiral gave him his own world to unleash his anger and destruction. The spiral took away his primary weapon and imprisoned him. He has slowly worked his way through his banishment.

Well, I'd give you more, but Noah's coming over.

See ya in the spiral!

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