Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friendly question

Well, friendly sent me a question. Here it is.


Hello Friendly,BalanceBoy101 here.I noticed how you translated the Celestian
writing and was wondering if you could translate the ruibs in Nidellvir in
Grizzleheim.If you can please PM me back.Thanks ~Dylan Ravencloud


Hmmm, That's a challenging one. The ruins of Nildaver... Well, some of those ruins are actually based on real Norse tales. The ones on the floor are the ones that interest me. Notice the sun, moon, and stars on the ground though. I think we'll have to go there at some point in celsetia, or in the new pre quest chain to celestia.

There's your answer friendly!

See ya in the spiral!


  1. hey cody its wolf talespear!! I just followed your blog fyi!! I met you ingame and i thought you were the king of death lol remember?
    )The Deth Dominator