Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It was EASY!

Seems like the computer is PERMANENTLY fixed, and I finished The Vault of Ice on Alric, SOLO! It ain't so hard.

One prob. I can't go anywhere in MB! we gonna get more crowns and buy the entire game soon, but I dunno if we can go buy August fifth.

Also, I ran into a few interesting people today. First, Jason Storm. Then, Jason Stormtalon. THEN, Jason Stormflame!!! I told Destiny his features, IT WAS THE REAL JASON STORMFLAME THAT WAS IN THE NECROMANCERS MATTER!

I also ran into a bit of money lately. You'll never guess how. I'll tell you. Socks. Nordstrom had this MAJOR sock sale where you could buy one for one CENT I spent a dollar. I GOT MEH MONEY MULTIPLIED BY SEVEN HUNDRED!!! I'm using some to buy crowns.

See ya in the spiral!

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