Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi people. Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it got a little busy. So, I'll just tell you what I did:

1) Apparently Kanago Really likes me! He gave me seven Myth Leprechauns before my friend, Sarai Firerider, finally got one!

2) Why were we farming for a Myth Leprechaun? Cause good ol' Sarai Firerider, ( AKA Sarai Storm, or Sarai Goldenstone.) Reached LEVEL FORTY EIGHT!!! And even better, I was with her when she received her Fire Dragon and was also there when she summoned it after defeating Helina Warhawk. It was AMAZING!! It was just like an in battle fire dragon! My crow wasn't exactly like that. It was just the crow. But the fire dragon had the lava and everything!

3) The second best news of all! I got a hybrid!!!! I got the money,
and searched the realms for a full hour who had an adult, level forty eight pet, who had enough money. And I found one with a Collosus. I'm gonna see what it is!

x Drum Rolls x


4) This is about the warehouse run:

Everyone, I need you to report to me through comment on when you have the quest for the warehouse. Your deadline is the 30th of this month. We'll do the run on August 5th.

Well bye!

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