Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alright everyone

Okay guys, this is how we are gonna ace the warehouse:

Floor One:

Enemies: Two Thief Princes, (1,265 health, Balance.) and Two Clockwork Golems. (1,000 health, Life type.)

Here, the enemies don't cheat, so proceed to killing as normal. Alia and Donna, it will be best to take out those Thief Princes. I'll kill those golems, and Malorn, make sure we take less damage and damage them with a Power Nova.

Floor Two:

Enemies: Two Mysterious Crawlers, (1,265 health, Life type.) and Two Icy Ghosts. (1,265 health, Ice type.)

I don't believe the enemies cheat here either, but, good news, and bad news. The good news is that those life types know no healing spells. Bad news is that those ghosts just LOVE to tower shield. Alia will get rid of those tower shields whenever they come up with Fire Elves. I will try to take out those Crawlers so the damage those tower shields take out will be less widespread. the icy ghosts, I'll look for my Meteor Strike card. There will probably still be a shield or two, so Donna will be charging up a good Centaur to take out one. My Meteor Strike will damage them badly, so a good Centaur and Wraith will kill them.

After we kill everyone, a puzzle will appear. Everyone needs to remove the middle box, then the left box, the the other left box, then right and right. Let me do this puzzle and the other one in a few floors.

Floor 3:

Enemies, General Stormclaw, (3,000 health, Myth type,) and three skeletons. (All 1,395 health, one Storm, one Ice, and one Life.)

BOSS FIGHT! You may all panic now, because he and his minions DO cheat here. But, we don't really care about any details, because, we are gonna use cheating to our advantage. All the damage we will take is a normal Earthquake, and maybe a Storm attack or two. I will Beguile the minion, (The Storm one,) and, for some reason, the boss gets a tower shield every turn. So, Donna will unequip her deck, and sword attack the boss. He will cry: HELP ME!!!! Don't worry about this, we'll also use it to our advantage. You see, when he says that, it skips our turns, and his minions. Except the one I Beguiled. He will spam a storm lord, and kill everyone except for himself. and then, Alia will Centaur him, then, Malorn will judgement. If this don't kill, Donna will sword attack him. Simple as that. Confused? Watch this video:

Floor 4: Two Villainous Scratchers, (1,265, Ice type.) and two Screechers. (1,265 health, Death type.)

Ah, back to no cheating. Alia and Donna will kill the Screechers here, while me and Malorn will take out those two Scratchers. Someone find two ice prisms, and put one on each Scratcher. Then Malorn will Hydra both of them, and kill them both. I'll prism one Screecher, and boost a little, and kill with Wraith. While we do that, Alia and Donna will Seraph and Centaur the other one.

Floor 5: Enemies: Two Seething Wraiths, (1,265 health, Balance type.) and two Thief Princes.

Hmm, this level will be slightly tough. But, Me and Malorn will kill the two Thief Princes, and Alia and Donna will kill the Wraiths. Me and Malorn will kill the Princes by boosting a Hydra, and boosting a Wraith. When we're done, I'll help with the Wraith if you aren't done yet. While the three of us do that, Malorn will boost all of us with a Bladestorm, and Black Mantle the Wraith/Wraiths.

Again, let me do this puzzle, AND DON'T STEP ON ANY TILES WHATSOEVER! Just get to the other side of the room without stepping on tiles, and let me handle the rest.


Final Floor:

Estrakir Gloomthorn, (3,600 health, Fire type.) Knuckles McCloud, (2,600 health, Balance.) and two Rat Illusionists. (1,395 health, Death type.)

Okay, this floor will still be VERY tricky to beat, even with this guide. We will use the same strategy as before, except with a bit of a difference. This time, the boss will be killing the minions. Malorn will hit him with a frost beetle, then he'll get mad and Fire Dragon all of his minions. xD. Alia, if the last rat doesn't die, KILL HIM. If you don't, It will make the Knuckles MUCH harder to kill. He will tower Knuckles CONSTANTLY, and we don't want that happening. You see, Knuckles is the team healer, and until he is dead,DO NOT HEAL WHATSOEVER! Because, say Alia healed Malorn with a 990 Satyr. Knuckles will take that 990 and heal everyone on his team with a 990 Rebirth! (No Absorb.) so, just kill that rat, I'll Beguile the boss as much as I can, and Malorn will kill the other rat with a Judgement. After everyone is dead, well, this is the tricky part... The boss will spam up a scarecrow every two turns, so I'll Despell as much as possible. Donna will Quench him every time we put a trap on him, while Malorn and Alia will boost a huge Centaur. Alia will do the big kill here.

If this works, WE'LL HAVE THIS DONE IN NO TIME! Everyone bring full flasks and flask whenever you need to.


  1. Cody for that second puzzle we can touch the sun's right?

  2. @Alia: Yea, you do big kill

    @Isaac: Yes, you can touch the suns

  3. Yea easy a guide on Central here:

  4. @Malorn: Ya that's where I got some of my basic ideas