Friday, June 18, 2010

I has a story, and here a preview...

Well, title explains all! Here's a preview!

He was shackled. He was imprisoned for life. Wait, not for life, he was dead. He was sitting in his cell, not knowing what to do, when he suddenly saw a little flicker of light from the corner of his eye. He was shackled, but he could see through the bars of his cell. A green substance seeped into the cell. He immediantly knew who or what it was. “Life.” He said. “I see even after death, you are still imprisoned.” Life said. “What are you doing here?” He said. “I need to talk to you.” Life said. “Resurrect and free me, and I will let you “talk” to me.” He said. “This is to important for that kind of talk.” Life said. “Well then, If you insist,” “Take your human form to show your trust to me.” He said. “Alright.” She said. She took her form, a beautiful woman wearing green and brown Mooshu robes. “Anyways,” Life said. “I am sorry for killing you eight thousand years ago.” Life said. “Oh, and the appology makes it all better.” He said. “Honestly, it does.” She reached out and touched him. Instantly, his spirit-like body became solid flesh. “Well, now that you’re done talking to me,” He said. “LEAVE. NOW.” “Okay, okay.” Life turned back into her
other form and left. Instantly, he broke his shackles and killed the guard near him. “This time, He thought. Soulsinger will pay...

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