Sunday, May 16, 2010

WOW! (And sorry for not posting)

WOW, alot of stuff happened during my break... My birthday, for one, was a little over a week ago, (probably seen that on the duo-o-death) I reached MASTER!, I learned wraith and earthquake, and largest of all, I'm out of mooshu! Oh yeah! In and out with in what? A little more then a week? Oni no Death, that so stupid! I now level forty three! YAY! And Destiny gave up on beating me to dragonspyre, 'cause i already won that one by THREE freaking worlds! (If you're reading this, I don't mean to gloat,) (Well, NOW I am! Grrr AND DON'T COMPLAIN... YOU DID THIS ON MY BLOG!!) (Ugh, i'm trying to do the first post in over a week here?) and, thanks to a little blogger secondarys help, Destiny out of krokosphinx! (Nice job using you're fire dragon in that situation, I didn't think it would work, but it did! YAY!) (Told ya so :-P) (for the record it's :P) and now I almost finished on the plaza of conquests, (just gotta kill that DANG SEA LORD...) anyway, the reason I havent posted in a while is that I've been working SO much on W101, so that explains that. One more thing, as they would say it in civilization revolution, Sir, our economy is booming! gold reserves are over 30,000! That's right! I've been saving for a month now! and I've been helping my sisters, Destiny and Vanessa, learn how to farm, but I have it easier, because I have sheer access to the jade oni, (although, he's not exactly easy, it's totally worth the drops, and, I think I discovered something... The more YOU damage the boss, (and the boss only, not the minions,) the better loot you get. So you get better drops if you fight the boss alone, because you're the only one there to damage it, so it works. (THOMAS LIONBLOOD, if you are reading this, I hope this discovery will help you and all others reading this.) Anyway, I'm gonna post a poll on what I should do with my gold... PEACE!

-Cody Shadowstrider

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